The social dilemma is one of those films that no one really thought they needed to see. This film actively shows the complications of the younger generation and even every one observing and using the technical world that has been presented to us in the past two decades.

I feel…

Many people take on the viewpoint throughout the movie that Mark is a really bad guy where I am viewing it from a technical/computer science point of view with how smart and\ hard working he was about his Idea. A gif I made recreates a scene throughout the movie where he has the confidence in his app no matter what.

While Mark does make some questionable decisions throughout the film and the entirety of the Facebook company in real life, I admire people that are able to build something entirely from scratch and be as successful as they are. I hope one day as well, maybe not to the sheer scale of Facebook, but at least to be successful with my own creation.

In a world that revolves around the digital world, there is an incomprehensible amount of people that lack the understanding of what exactly the internet is. It is a tool that many will use for hours a day, amounting to months throughout their life (projection for the younger generation). I…

Jordan Reiser

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